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ZACO Quality Made in Germany


In May 2018, Michele Colonna and Boris Schütte had the idea of developing a product to be used to coat welded joints, fittings and moulded parts retrospectively on the construction site when laying new gas and water pipes. The focus here was particularly on cement-coated pipes. Here, the excavated material can be reused for the trench, thus eliminating the need for expensive removal of the excavated material or sand backfilling.


Compared to existing products on the market (e.g. Ergelit-tape), the aim was to create a more environmentally friendly, safe and stronger version that is intuitive, economical and easy to use on the construction site. PrimaTape is the result of a combination of over 25 years of experience in pipeline trade and pipe construction by Boris Schütte and almost 30 years of experience in the field of supply and waste disposal pipe reconstruction and the corresponding knowledge of materials of Michele Colonna.

After a good year of development and numerous tests, the PrimaTape was ready for series production as a market-ready technical product. Michele Colonna and Boris Schütte founded the company ZaCo GmbH in April 2019 with headquarters in Hagen to guarantee smooth, quality-controlled production and a skilled technical sales department.

As a highly motivated team, they are happy to accept any challenge and solve any other problems related to pipes. For example, they also manufacture valve stations according to your wishes, requirements and needs. The basis of the company philosophy is the long-term, partnership-based cooperation with satisfied customers and reliable suppliers.